Prop & Model Merchandise

Roddenberry site and store
Star Trek Store
Star Trek The Experience
X Scapes Props
Entertainment Earth store
Big Bad Toy Store
Diamond Select Toys
Star Trek Toys Online
Art Asylum official website
Action Figure Express
StarFleet Models
TOS Enterprise Online Blueprints
Ron Caudillo ... ... paper models Bridge and Enterprise and others for download
Paragon Paper Models has lots of XI movie models

Prop & Uniform Resources

Rac Props
JL Props
Hero Communicator Info site
Vacuum Forming Plastic Howto
Smooth-on Resin/Plastic for Casting
Shadowdale Creations (Trek Uniforms)
OutWorld Sutlery
Star Trek Uniform Guide
Costume Patterns and Patches and Accessories

World of Trek Info Library

Memory Alpha wiki Trek resource
Wikipedia Star Trek info

TV and Movie Screenshots

Trek Core - Tons of Screenshots


Star Trek Expo

Disclaimer: The TPZ does not necessarily endorse any of the above websites, but is providing links as general Trek resources. If there's anything you'd like to see added, please PM or e-mail one of the admins or moderators.


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